Am I pregnant?

If you’re sexually active, it’s possible to become pregnant. Here are some common signs of pregnancy, although there are other medical conditions that may cause these symptoms:

  • Missed period
  • Slight bleeding
  • Swollen/tender breasts
  • Fatigue/tiredness
  • Nausea/morning sickness
  • Backaches
  • Headaches
  • Frequent urination
  • Darkening of nipples
  • Food cravings or food aversions
    (American Pregnancy Association, 2012)


Even if you’ve taken a home test, you may want help confirming your pregnancy. The free pregnancy tests offered by Liberty Women’s Clinic are 99% accurate and laboratory quality. Results can be detected as early as 7 days after conception, and our test may be more accurate than some home tests. However, only a licensed healthcare provider can diagnose pregnancy.

Make an appointment with Liberty Women’s Clinic for a free pregnancy test and nurse consultation (nurse determines IF and WHEN ultrasound can be scheduled). 

We can help

An unintended pregnancy can feel overwhelming. You need a quiet place to process--where you can feel safe to share what’s on your mind and receive information about your options. That place can be Liberty Women’s Clinic. Make an appointment to meet with us.