Free limited OB ultrasounds (RN-determined eligibility)

If you have a positive pregnancy test at LWC, a nurse will meet with you to determine your eligibility for a free limited OB ultrasound.  This nurse consultation will determine if and when an ultrasound can be scheduled.  A safe and painless ultrasound procedure can determine if your pregnancy is viable (living and progressing) while also giving you vital information on your pregnancy's development. 

Is my pregnancy progressing as expected? 
If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, you may not need one.  Studies show that 10-25% of all clinically-recognized pregnancies end in natural miscarriage (American Pregnancy Association, 2017).

How far along am I? 
If you’re wondering when you became pregnant or can’t remember when your last menstrual period was, our healthcare professional will assess your health history to determine the estimated age of your pregnancy.  Next, we may schedule a limited OB ultrasound to provide confirmation.  This is important information to have when reviewing the abortion options available to you.

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